What Does 22 Mean??

I completely forgot to post the winner Sunday, but let me reveal the answer to the 22 first.

There were a lot of really good answers! Some said 22 for my anniversary,which would have been a great answer, but it’s not December yet. 😉

Someone said for my little one being 22 months, which she was the day before I posted it. On July 2nd she turned 23 months old which makes me super sad that my baby will be 2 in less than a month!

Everyone had great answers but only one answer was the right one. It occurred to me I never officially announced to all of you that I am pregnant! A lot of you know through knowing me personally, or having had a conversation with me through emailing. But I figured last week was no better time to announce the pregnancy, thus the main meaning behind the 22.

I was 22 weeks pregnant last week, which is just over halfway. While I was thinking about this being my last pregnancy, I realized something super special about that 22. 5 years ago this month on July 22, I found out I was going to be a momma for the very first time. A lot of you may not know the story behind getting pregnant with my son, but we struggled with fertility problems, but after 2 1/2 years and two inseminations, I finally got the chance to be a momma. I never thought I’d have 3 kids. In fact we planned to be done at 2, but by some crazy chance, I got pregnant on my own, without trying. A total surprise! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I’d get pregnant naturally. After everything I experienced with my first child, I always worried if things would always be “broke”. When I found out I was pregnant this February, I was shocked, amazed, and scared. I have two little ones at home already, but three at home? That’s scary. But I’m grateful for the chance to have one last baby before we officially plan to be finished with having children.

So while I reminisced about how much I went through trying to get pregnant with my first child, how amazing it was to see that “pregnant” written across my test July 22, 2011, I realized how special this month is, and felt grateful to have this last little surprise baby. The perfect week to announce to you all I am having another, but final baby. This one will be a surprise from start to finish, as we have no plans to find out the gender until birth. But when that day comes, you all will get to see some pretty incredible pictures!

So with that all said, the winner for figuring out I was 22 weeks pregnant last week is Shannon Caroll, one of my past year baby plan clients. She must know me all too well! Congrats Shannon!!


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