What to Expect

Family Photography Richmond Virginia

What To Expect From Your Portrait Session

Every portrait session will begin with a few questions about you and your family. I like to get to know who you are, especially if you have children. Most children tend to be shy at first, so the more I can know about them the better. Their favorite shows, do they have a favorite song? These help me to open up children, and get them to relax.

Speaking of relaxing, that’s all you need to do. Don’t stress about how you look, how your children will act, just relax and pretend as if I’m not even there. Most kids tend to not listen at a session, and that’s pretty normal. No child wants to keep smiling and looking at the camera, especially if they are in a new environment. They want to explore, look around, and be themselves. And that’s what I love to capture. Them being just them. After all, you want to look back at pictures that make you realize why you love those crazy kids. If everyone is always looking at me smiling, that’s not natural, and too posey can get boring. I DO get posed pictures, but I also love the pictures of the kids playing, everyone laughing, and sharing hugs and kisses. Those are the memories I want to remember of my children, as do you!



After your session

After the session is over, I always edit one or two pictures and post to Facebook for little sneak peeks. Everyone always anticipates how they will look! I give an estimated 2 week turn around time to finish, but it can be sooner or longer depending on how busy I am at that given time. Spring/Summer/Fall are my busiest seasons. Once your images are complete, they will be posted online in a gallery for you to view, and within a few days I will be visiting for us to go over the images in person for you to order.





What to Expect From Your Newborn Session

Before Baby Arrives:
I will need you to email me within 48 hours after you had the baby (I know it’s a busy time and easily can be forgotten). This is super important so I can get you on my schedule before I am fully booked.

Before The Session:
This is very important that you read to ensure the best possible situation for the baby.

You will need to make sure the baby is well fed just before the session. Feeding baby as much as they will eat the night before the session makes for a smooth easy session, and we can get those super adorable sleepy poses. If s/he recently ate, top him off before you leave for the session. This will help put them into a deep sleep and full longer.

If you plan to breastfeed, it is best to avoid certain foods for a few days that may cause possible sensitivities to the baby. Those foods usually include nuts, beans, eggs, milk, spicy food. Anything that might make mom gassy will usually make baby gassy!

It is strongly recommeded to bring a bottle of pumped milk for me to feed baby. It is easier to not move them once they are on the bean bag to avoid startling them, or fully waking them. Once baby senses mom, they can become unsettled, which is another reason to bring pumped milk.

If baby has any special needs, such as reflux, colic, or fussiness, please let me know before the session so I can plan accordingly.

Baby will need to be kept awake for the morning before you arrive. I want to make sure the entire session is spent posing and photographing baby instead of getting baby to sleep. Giving a baby a bath usually wakes them right up!

Dress baby in a loose outfit, preferably one that can be unbottoned or unzipped. Nothing that requires going over the head. The diaper should be loosely secured.

The Session:
Please refer to the package you have purchased to see how long to expect the session to last.

Please keep them in the car seat. I will remove them gently once you arrive into the studio where it is nice and warm.

The studio will be very warm, it’s going to seem excessively warm for you and that’s totally normal! Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature so we will need to do it for them, the room will be set to at least 80 degrees. Dressing in removable layers is suggested.

Bringing extra clothes in case baby soils yours/your partners, is highly recommended.

For the family posed portraits, earth tones are best to photograph and usually blend into the home very well. Moms are suggested to wear loose tank tops, and Dads are suggested to wear plain colored shirts.

Try not to be distraught by baby being fussy. I am a momma of two and know many many tricks and secrets to get baby to settle back down. I promise I will never let your baby get to a point of extreme fussiness for a pose.

A pacifier is strongly recommended to bring in, in case baby does become unsettled during/in between posing.

There will most likely be several accidents, don’t feel the need to apologize for my things (or me) being soiled. It’s just pee or poo and washes out easily!

I work with an assistant to ensure the best possible safety for baby. You can feel free to bring a book, work, thank you cards, or sleep during this time. I want you to be as relaxed as possible. Babies have a great way to sense when parents are tense. Anything you are uncomfortable with during the session, please don’t be scared to speak up!

After The Session:
You can expect to see sneak peeks up within 24 hours after your session. Depending on my level of sessions during that time may cause a longer delay in all images being fully edited. My current turn around time is 2 weeks.