Bennet 1 Year Cake Smash Session | Richmond, Virginia Baby Photographer

One of these days I WILL get better at blogging.

Back in January I finished up the last remaining session with Mr. Bennet.  He was my model call for newborns when I was practicing some skills I learned from a training class last year.  His momma and I got talking and realized our husbands work together, small world!  Shortly after his newborn session, she contacted me again to finish the remainder of his first year.  I was so honored because not many model calls return for pictures!

He has been such a joy to have at the studio.  The one year cake smash session couldn’t have been any more fun.  I do all my cake smashes at my Ashland, Va studio.  I am so so thankful to have this dedicated space, because I would have hated to clean up a mess (or leave a mess) at a clients home, as I was previously traveling only.  Thank you to all of you wonderful clients who continue to come back to help pay for this studio.

Enough about me though, Bennet had me cracking up the entire session.  As typical boys (or well any climbing one year old’s do), all he cared about was climbing the chair I had for him to sit in.  It’s so funny to capture these moments, because you remember them so so well when you think about having another baby. 😉

He was also more interested in the balloons more so than the cake.  You can probably tell by the proud expression, that he freed one of my tied down balloons….

It was over all a great year watching him grow, and getting so close to momma.  I sure do hate seeing these babies grow up, because they end up becoming part of my little HDP family.


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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