About Heather

When I was 10, I got my first digital camera for Christmas. I remember taking pictures of anything I could, one being a sunset off of the back porch at my parents house.  That picture still hangs up in my room today.

15 years later, in April of 2012, I had my first baby.  After struggling with infertility so long, I was finally blessed with a baby boy. I took pictures of him every second I could, getting more a more creative with each mini session.  I knew the importance of capturing every moment of his life because he was growing quicker than a blink.  That was the moment that defined this business.  I began trying new things, perfecting the pictures, learning as much as I could.  I became sucked in and found myself constantly researching, and gaining more knowledge to grow my skills.

In Spring of April 2013, I officially opened my photography business. I gained a love for photographing babies right from the start, so I knew that is where this business was leading me.  I want to be able to share those same memories and special moments with you, and other families. I strive for the best customer service, the most beautiful images, and an amazing experience that will leave you feeling excited to see the final product.

This business is my baby, so I take every session with careful thought and design.  I am so blessed and thankful that God gave me the skills and desire to do something that doesn't ever feel like work.  This is an incredible journey so far and I'd love for you to join me.

Photo Credit:  Bacini Photography

The Experience

Every session begins the same.  Outfits are picked out with extra care, and every strand of hair is perfectly sprayed in to place.  Mom has made sure her makeup is done perfectly, and parents are usually trying to scramble the kids out of the door. The kids are running around, while mom and dad are chasing after them, frustrated and exhausted.  But in that moment, I see you.  I see the beautiful moments where the kids are laughing and looking behind them to see how close dad is.  I see the exhaustion, but I see the beauty in that exhaustion.  It's a reminder of those tiny hands that still need you.  Those are the moments you will remember.  Those are the moments that I love to capture.  So when you come for your session, just remember one and only one thing, life is a fleeting moment.  Embrace this moment.