Abigail | Richmond, Virginia Newborn Photographer


Little Miss Abigail was 7 days old when she came into the studio for her newborn session.

I loved everything about this session…

One thing I love the most about newborn sessions is the peacefulness from the start.  While very warm for the parents, she slept in such a sweet slumber I felt guilty moving her.  I found myself keeping her in position longer than usual because she was so content through each pose, I got smile after smile.  That day ended up being my birthday, but happened to be the only day I would be able to schedule them until an entire week later.  I had such a good feeling going into the day (birthday excitement maybe?), I knew it would be amazing.  Abigail slept wonderfully, posed wonderfully, and just looked like a pure angel, especially with those smiles.  It just warmed my heart through each one.  As with every session, I pose babies with the families last.  I love this part of the session.  A lot of times parents feel awkward posing, but through that awkwardness I promise beautiful, timeless portraits.  I get smiles, laughs and jokes.  I MAY have joked about getting a baby poo viral shot for dad…because how awesome are those?? 😉

But more importantly I get to see them as a family, and for this particular session, a family for the first time.  It’s why I love this job.  I remember what it was like, how it felt to be a family for the first time.  This was definitely a great way to start the new year, and the first newborn of the year.  She’s set the bar high, but if it’s any indication of how this year will be, I can’t wait for the rest.  Here are just a few images from their day.


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